Dycem for OT

I am not ready for the official review because I want to include a picture I take, but I want to say I LOVE The Dycem place mats (in shapes like a turtle) because when the child is dealing with something that might fly away, like a bead or a pom-pom, those semi-sticky mats are awesome and keeps things from getting away and minimizes frustration. I am using the Dycem placemats a lot now and want to order some more, and the other OTs liked it too. More soon.

Can I mention I love my job working in an elementary school system? The teachers/colleagues/SLPs/OTs/principals/etc are soo fun and awesome! I drive home smiling thinking of random events that occurred during the day. Well I guess not always smiling depending on how many meetings or crazy things happened that day, but most days. Like today.

I also want a scooter board. And a few yoga mats. And a few weighted lap pads and/or vests. Etc. Maybe for my birthday which is coming up!! (October 21st)  I will buy myself some of that stuff! I am obsessed with buying new toys!! Okay. More later.

Sep 27, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none