electrical modalities in Georgia, Orlando FL AOTA Conference, and a cornocupia I can't spell

wow its been way too long since I last blogged. I am still struggling with the fact that I am almost daily going to face things I haven't seen before seeing as how I'm new!!I am trying to be evidence-based, occupation-based, learn all the basics….for example if I know I am going to get a patient with a hand diagnosis like trigger finger, then I can prepare for it by reading about it in a hand book, looking in an anatomy book to see what exactly it affects, looking in my OT book for ideas on how to treat it, determine my preliminary base of attack (ie pre-evaluation) which would include activity modification/education, modalities, extensor strengthening, range of motion, etc. I can also search online for evidence on what typically happens with the diagnosis and treatment, and even read first hand patient accounts on message boards or blogs, as well as see what is being said in the medical profession re surgical treatment, blah blah blah. So a lot of research and studying.

I got some magnetic poetry for a large metal cabinet in the clinic – you can get clients who enjoy self-expression to work on standing activity tolerance, or visual scanning, or fine motor coordination, while composing their own poetry. Or get window markers or dry erase markers and stand them at the mirror and let them trace themselves/draw themselves….in the case of children with autism, I've found that placing fingerpaint ON their face (like a red streak) will often get them to look straight into the mirror at themselves….and if you have one of those play tunnels that are manipulable, if for example the child is in the ball pit and you place part of the tunnel in the ball pit, they love to look into the tunnel… and you take the other half up and put it to your face…they will look you in the face more consistently and for longer periods of time. I dunno, just stuff that seemed true for me at least.

Um…..what else….I still haven't fenced with any of my patients…….one thing I think I wrote about on a previous blog entry is doing the american sign language alphabet with a lot of clients to work on praxis, fine motor coordination, etc…

I have a 139 NEW mails in my box that I havent even looked at…..it hurts me to delete them without reading them as most are AOTA listservs….but still have a lot of old mails to respond to including blog posts and comments I mean to do something with. I do have more stable Internet now so no real excuse beyond that I find the real world quite exhausting. I love OT, but I'd much rather do it on a part-time basis so that there was lots more time for sleep, my favorite activity ever……unfortunately I can't work part-time unless I find me a rich man….any takers? JUST KIDDING. Oh and loan repayment is so not cool. Which reminds me. I better go pay that bill. Oh crap.

So I am thinking about going to Orlando FL for AOTA conference this year..April I believe. I saw APTA is having theirs in February in San Diego, I wanna go so I can go home, but I don't think that would go over too well with my work, haha…OT at PT conf…haha…ludicrous…haha….anyway.

I am trying to find an electrical modalities course….or a thermal/electrical modalities course if need be….so that I can get certified in Georgia to do modalities. Soo important. But there don't seem to be any classes until this Spring and it's killing me yo. Any thoughts??!!

Um…….um……okay I think I've procrastinated enough. I love seeing OT students and OTs update their status on Facebook ….pretty interesting to see what other programs are up to…..
I better check out OT Connections…….oh wait….no more procrastination…..and oh yeah!! I did apply to the Emerging Leaders program, it worked out!! Now just cross fingers…


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