End of Week 5 of OT Level II fieldwork, peds placement

I got to clinic at 9am, no clean laundry and un-make-up-ed for first time, since would only be hidden away in a back room, so I thought, since only one kid was scheduled and it wasn't a kid for me. The plan was that OT would see a home visit at 9amish, and then the COTA would see a boy at 10ish, and that others, it was just paperwork catch-up day, so a short day.


9am to 11ish: I work on writing up evals and plans of cares for early intervention kids, older kids, etc. It's hot and a/c doesn't seem to be working well. Help boss load up monitors in car to take to new clinic.

11ish to 1ish: Go with OT to her house to take camera phone shot of the sweet blind dog she found last night and is desperately trying to find a home for, – anyone interested in the general vicinity of Memphis/Southaven? Go to lunch with her.

1ish: Woman shows up unannounced with her young daughter and toddler son, to discuss with OT sensory issues and her daughter's case, which is a GF/CF autistic spectrum turned neuroimmunodeficiency syndrome case, which is fascinating to me. Building is stifling,  and PS, it turns out robbers stole the air conditioning units from the building, hence the lack of A/C. That woman and my OT spend a long time chatting while I play with two kids in ball bath room. Sweating. LOL.

2ish: Kill giant scary spider, AUGH. Keep doing evals/POCs.

3pmish: Go home tired and sweaty and do not go to pizza hut party in rural Mississippi for baby that is blind/deaf. Because I'm a bad person. And had made plans already too.

4pmish: Get invites to go to Orpheum with friend Christa, a call from my little OT sib Talli, and other random invites/things.

5pmish: Go to OT classmate Virginia's and meet OT classmate Brooke there. Talk about fieldwork and fieldwork stories. Laugh a lot, gasp a lot. Eat Amish friendship bread. Given a bag of it to mush up for ten days. Thanks Virginia. Go to El Mezcal Mexican restaurant with OT classmate Kerri, husband Brent, Brooke, and her boyfriend Todd. Go to Kerri and Brent's to play really bad guitar and then stop at Davis-Kidd bookstore to see Brooke working a book release party, then go home to crash, 10pmish.

Midnightish: Can't sleep. Come online to turn 106 emails into like 19. Decide to blog.

Tomorrow I want to hold babies and have stuff planned with friends. Need to work out too and do some cleaning. Lester the Lion Kitty can only come once A/C is all fixed up and my house is clean/ready for addition of a litterbox/food bowl etc! Will take some re-arranging.

Next week is week SIX – midterms – half-way mark for my first rotation. WOW.

I have a bunch of short funny and/or sad stories from classmates to share re: fieldworks, within next day or two 🙂

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