Environmental modification & OT & Levers


I recently read an article entitled “Market for doorknobs slowly losing its grip: Levers expected to gain upper hand one day”, by Frank Greve.

A few months ago, us OT students did a project on environmental modification. We were assigned rooms and a disability, and had to find out the proper environmental modifications and cost. We even had to draw up the before & after floor plan and follow two budgets – a low one and a high one. It was a fun experience. We learned about a ton of assistive devices and ways to help people function better within their own houses. One of the most basic devices that could help most people was a lever handle instead of a doorknob! Think about it – doorknobs involve twisting your arm, which can be painful and/or difficult for someone with arthritis or minimal hand function.

On the other hand, levers require very little movement to open – you don’t have to have finger function, and it’s a lot easier for people with arthritis.

There are a ton of other environmental modifications, but I only woke up about ten minutes ago, and my OT brain is rusty…so…yeah.

Next post will be how to make pom-pom ornaments and why it is applicable to OT! Apparently all old people already know how to make this, but I’m young and innocent and my peers will be excited…. 😉

I’m driving back into Memphis in about an hour! Yay I love spending 3.5 hours with lots of giant trucks while in my small car!!!!

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