Every book I've read so far mentions OT at least once…

Since most of the books I’ve been reading for fun come from the Health section, a lot of them involve rehab/hospital stays, so there’s been at least one mention of OT in almost all of the books. It’s interesting to see the evolution of OT. In books like The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, when OT is mentioned it is only in regards to crafts, since that is an older book. Yet in the book I just read about the first ventilator-dependent quadriplegic to graduate from Harvard (Miracles Happen), the OT actually fits our current notion of an OT, helping the family find ways to make things easier. Unfortunately, most of the books mention OT only briefly, and usually in a context that makes it clear it was of no help at all (like in Girl, Interrupted). That definitely disappoints me. Oh well, it just inspires me to work harder. Because if any of my patients ever write a book, I want to be enthusiastically mentioned as being a big help!!

Right now I’m in Berkeley, CA right now with my mom, visiting my grandfather & his wife, as well as my twin sister. Today we’re headed to a special gravelly beach with very tiny rocks my mom used to collect as a child, and then we’re having a bread & cheese picnic. Fun! Gotta go!

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