Fellow OT student…

Ok I've gone from over 150+ mails today to less than 45…and about 35 of the remaining ones are also OT related, but since I've just blizzarded the blog, I'm going to stop for the night. I did want to post one last email though, name/state removed as always. I think it's nice to see the perspective of other nationwide OT students.

“Hi Karen — from a fellow OT student from XX — how are you doing? Hanging in there? Just wanted to share that I know the feeling of “oh my gosh I know nothing and feel stupid”. I just finished my very last rotation for field work — ped's this time — and even in week 10 would feel so stupid when my NDT handling skills sucked compared to the PT (who had 8 zillion years of experience….but still.), and my supervisor (who had 14 yrs experience). So, even in week 10 it was still hard! LOL. Easier than week 3 or 4 though in some ways. 
In any case, now I am starting a whole NEW journey — studying for the OTR exam. GULP.  And revising my resume — my tiny little resume that screams: NEW GRAD, WHO ONLY KNOWS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT A LOTTA STUFF… but it's a good journey!  
Anyway, I will be looking for jobs everywhere I can, as soon as I pass that exam, which I take mid-November! I tell myself: Keep reminding yourself of what you DO know!!
Hang in there, how much more school do you have left? It's ALL worth it! 

Jane Doe.


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