Figuring out What to do at Conference

As I blogged about here:, PLEASE Come to AOTA Conference.

Next morning’s update: Read Cheryl’s comment below before you start doing anything (after reading this post!)…she explained that there is a conference schedule builder you can use which is less work, etc…thanks Cheryl

if you feel like stalking me there, I am copy/pasting what I hope to be doing, not for the purpose of stalkers, but because I want you to see what it looks like. What I did was go through the conference booklet and (messily) in Word write up the courses and posters that most appealed to me so that I could get a sense of the time. If I were a better dork (or a nerd or a geek) I’d have done it in Excel. But I’m not so this is as good as it gets. At least this early in advance. I mostly focused on “Children and Youth” because I work in that field, although in reality there was plenty in other areas that appealed to me as well. I’m also probably helping work in my company’s booth (School Steps Inc.)
If you’re going or thinking about going, I recommend at least highlighting or marking in some fashion what you are interested in, then hopefully taking the next step of making a schedule of some sort. It will be way easier and less overwhelming to follow that, then leafing through the booklet frantically when you get to San Diego. 
Two things I’m trying to figure out.
1) How to go to a course AND see posters that may be at the same time 🙁 There seem to be some super cool posters I am verrrry interested in.
2) What exactly RWP is or Research Program… I know they have to do with Research and I saw what the exact acronym stands for, (although I forget now) but I don’t know what the exact mechanism is – does it seem like a poster, or do you sit in a classroom and they present their research, or what?
Without further ado, and without yet bidding you adieu, here’s what I’m hoping to do:
Thursday April 25th, Keynote Speaker 4 to 530, then Maybe work an Expo Booth
Friday April 26th + Booth Times
9:30 – 11:00 am : SC 214  Multiple High and Low Tech Interventions For Improving Social Participation
11 to 12:15 Booth Work? 
12:30 to 2:30pm POSTERS: Neuromechanisms of Dsylexia, Competency Checklist for Neonatal Therapist, Exploring Role of SI Among Educators
2:00 to 3:30pm: Research Program 213: DCD – Early Screening – Write Start ??? What’s Research Program Look Like???
2:00 to 3:30pm: SC 221: AOTA: Value Added Assessment of School Based OT Practitioners
3 to 5pm: Posters: ALERT Program, School Based OT Beyond HW and FM skills, Visual Perception in Preterm Kids at 5 years of age
330 to 5pm: SC 234: Electronic Scoring of SPM
Saturday, April 27th
830am to 930am: SIS Buzz Sessions – Creative Ideas for Applying Sensory Based OT in Schools by Deanna Sava
9am to 11am: Posters – Classrooom Integrated Therapy for Handwriting, Effectiveness of SI Therapy in improving School participation, Repetitive Behaviors/Sensory Responsiveness, Looking at Multisensory Handwriting Program, Quality of HW and Scaling of Hand size/Pencil Size   also Karen Jacobs poster 9am to 11, Power of Social Media under General and Professional Issues…and Social Networking and E Profesionalism…
930am to 11am: SC 325 School Based Workload, What’s Magical formula?
1230 to 230 Posters: VP skills and HW, what is link? Implementing Alert Program, Addressing School Servivce – 3:1 Model, Experience OF OT in Rural, Using Self-regulation Program, Empowering Kids to Set Goals, Draw a Person Tests…Sensory Supporting Swimming…
1230 to 230: RWP Infant head movements, NICU Professionals
2 to 330: OUR COURSE SC 328 What’s New in Digital and Social Media for Occupational Therapy?
4 to 530: SC 371: Leadership for All, Developing Inner Leader to Advance School Based Practice
Sunday, April 28th
WS 408: AUTISM/Scerts: 8am to 11am: Maximize Social Participation and Sensory Emotional Regulation or OT role in addressing Bullying
Or Revising Assertiveness….WS 404 OR 
WS 407.Sensory Tools for Mindful Living
I also hope, of course, to hang out with my out of town OT friends, and I bought a ticket for AOTPAC night which was a lot of fun last year. I hope to do a lot of social networking while at conference and if any blog readers are there, please let me know so we can arrange a face to face! HEY, OMG, If Myy Space and Facebook ever merged, they could call it Space2Face. CLEVER. 
Hope to see you all at Conference! 
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