Final day of Adult Physical Dysfunction Level I Occupational Therapy Fieldwork!

I had fun today. I got to treat my patient alone and wrote his note without a single correction needed. I made him make slugs and porcupines with theraputty and pegs, among other things. I assisted others as needed w/o problems. I helped out my therapist with a really low-level TBI patient with lots of wounds/fractures. I said goodbye to patients and they were all very sweet about my departure. My supervisor gave great feedback to me on my required forms and said the biggest thing was to work on assertiveness, but she also felt that would come with time as I gained more confidence in what I was doing. I had a good time with her. The afternoon went by equally quickly and nicely, with no problems at all. I feel like I've gotten proficient in basic wheelchair maneuvering/leg-attachments, how to replace oxygen from the room to the tank, where to find all your basic comfort things, how to assist a patient in ADLs in the morning, basic transfers, basic insurance knowledge, basic chart reviews, basic evaluations, etc. A lot of knowledge in just two weeks!

Oct 20, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none