It's 2am and my mailbox is down to ZERO for the first time in ages and ages (well except for the 9,000+ unread emails in my work box starting from the day I started OT school 15 months ago…unfortunately not kidding). And I have food in the house that isn't peanut butter or candy. Thanks to a grocery store. Which was thanks to a farm. Which was thanks to nature…..and ok I'll stop.

And we (with copious help by Emily, Allison, and many other awesome OT classmates) haveĀ  the script of the Miss OTPF pageant officially written up. We plan to film next Thursday afternoon…because it ***IS**** APRIL AND THAT MEANS IT IS OT MONTH AND THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING AMAZING TO YOUTUBE REGARDING OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::says quietly and subliminally that I hope AOTA reads me and decides they wanna sponsor one year of student membership for an OT-related person who submits the awesomest YouTube video for OT month as judged by, I dunno, unbiased sources.::::

And I still have to contact quite a few people via phone or e-mail but at least I don't have any major e-mail events left right now. (Note to self: I just realized I forgot to deal with Miss OTPF pageant email to the class or Draft 4 of Tai Chi paper for research. I guess that's why God made tomorrows). I do wish He had just made afternoons though and skipped mornings.

Blog-wise….I have a HUGE notepad full of conference items to discuss, after I went through several inches worth of papers and condensed it all into one document. But it took me hours (it's really important to me to note absurd things like the fact I saw at least four people eating bananas during P. Mo's presidential address), so now I have to sleep. Tomorrow, I promise, promise, promise, unless I get hit by a truck or something, that I will FINALLY blog about conference. Cuz I gotta share all the GOSSIP, cuz let's face it…OT is all about the days of our lives….SOAP OPERA!!!!!!!

Oh, and I have pictures! Lots of pictures! From messy hotel rooms to clubbin' to family time to um…..certain classmates riding on mechanical bulls in a bar!! Yeah! So get excited!

Tomorrow is BINGO night with my favorite gero peeps…better rest up…so yeah, going to bed now for REALS.

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