finally getting things done…

I am pretty sure my blood pressure is 3382828288282 over 3838989292892. I find job applications immensely tedious. I just spent many hours on a 13 page application and then spent a few hours struggling with my new mac and new printer…I am sooo used to a PC that even little things flummox me on the Mac! And then I just started to fill out another online application for a hospital, but its application website was utterly ridiculous. It would list schools/majors to choose from, and then my school and major wouldn't be present, and then it would give you an error if you tried to leave it blank, etc. Ugh!!

So since I already want to tear all my hair out, I decided I'd stop for the night, before I went postal. In the morning I need to write a cover letter, get my oath of loyalty to the particular state notarized (WOW), and then mail the application ASAP. 
I am a tiny bit irritated with myself that I let stupid applications upset me, BUT at the same time it's only (tomorrow) been a week since I got my stunningly and exquisitely painful rejection, so I'm just glad I didn't cry the night away! Overall I guess it was pretty productive minus the many hours of frustration. 
Ok, tomorrow's goals:
PM: Work out at some point, contact HR at that other hospital about navigating their website application
Jun 16, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1