first week down

Monday I just observed a few hours. Tues/Weds general orientation all day. Thurs/Fri my first two full days as OT! So much to share yet can't lol. Everyone is awesome though and so is the facility and patients. 

Fun though. Love living on the campus with the recreation center next door. Got to play air hockey and ping pong and go on walking trails near forest/lake and on outdoor track dodging deer and indoor track and weight room etc etc! With my fellow PTs/SLPs! Fun stuff!! Plus last night watched Warm Springs the movie with a PT student. 
TODAY, we are participating in the special Labor Day weekend celebration where once a year they refill the pool with the waters and allow the community admission! Me, SLP & her husband, and PT student, are going for the 10 to 1130 slot ….these are the bouyant waters that made such a difference to many people with polio way back when. 
Rest of plans for weekend include going to the gym, doing lots of OT study/review, especially of anatomy and the more technical stuff, brainstorming ideas on what to do – we do have air hockey, skee ball, a gardening area, etc for the patients so that is awesome – and then just chilling with various people or whatever.
My new motto when tagging along for just about anything is “It's Warm Springs – what else am I going to do?” lol. 
I love the quiet campus…just the chirps of bugs and frogs at night…love its beauty…the sunset over looking Lake Dream….love all the recreation opportunities next door to me, love walking to work just a few buildings down, etc!! 3 minute walk from my door to therapy doors.
I need to talk to HR or someone soon about blogging – so sorry I can't give details! I can say this week I've done some transfers, goniometry, hemi dressing techniques, maneuvering for dressing techniques for paraplegia, deltoid aid, and toileting etc lol….love being an OT 🙂
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