Friday Night Occupational Therapy Student Social at Bigfoot Lodge

The Chattanooga students drove in Friday afternoon. We were having our orientation for incoming students on Saturday. So we had a social Friday night, since this is only the second time we’ve actually met the Chattanooga students we are with all day every day. It was a lot of fun. They have an 18-scoop sundae called the Yeti that I really wanted, but it’s hard to convince a bunch of skinny minny OT girls to do such a thing!!

Minda and I were going to kiss this animal. Minda ended up actually getting whisker things against her face. Anna snapped the picture as she recoiled in horror and I shrieked with laughter. We were standing on our chairs. And no, we weren’t drunk.

Minda, Me, Julie, Anna, and Ashlee…posing for the camera.

Co-VP of Academic Affairs and Class Prez do a self-shot!

A bunch of Beale Street girls after we leave Bigfoot!
Virginia and her husband Frank pose with a horsie.

BTW, this was totally a community outing, because the table next to us was having a birthday. All 25+ of us OT students sang and clapped for them and they said “Thanks, OTs!!”. So see, it was total exposure to how wonderful we are…lol

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