Frustration with occupational therapy as a profession right this second!


Working on getting my business license with the city, and professional liability insurance, etc, as I become self-employed through my (in process) company Miss Awesomeness! 🙂

For professional liability insurance through HPSO, it asked if I was part of a professional association. I said yes. It gave me a drop-down list only. Guess what, everything in the world but OT was on the list. It was like "American Association of Latte Drinking Paleontologists Who Collect Dinosaur Fairy Wings" level specific otherwise. So I had to say no, I wasn’t part of one, to complete the application. Will call soon to ask them to add it.

For my business license with San Diego, it asked me for my license number, which I provided. Then once again, a drop down list of possible occupations for it. EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WAS ON IT. But OT. So I couldn’t finish the application, because it was specific enough that I couldn’t find something even remotely similar that was valid. So I threw in physical therapist just so I could save the application to edit later as it wouldn’t even let me save otherwise. I will call the CITY tomorrow to ask them to add OT to the license.

Oh, and when I called my awesome banking/insurance company USAA that I use for everything, to see about their professional liability insurance, they had a policy place they use but they covered speech and physical, not OT. I asked the agent to call their insurance people and find out if that was deliberate or omission or what. He had me wait on the line while he spoke to their underwriter, and alas, it was true. They specifically don’t cover OT, although he couldn’t provide a reason. Speech and PT were on every single one of these options.

Of course I can still make all these things happen, some with using other companies, some with calling and asking them to add OT to the list, but it’s making everything harder when I can’t fully complete any of the tasks. Shocking, too.

Apr 13, 2014 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2