Fun day

Fun day so far. Had brunch with OT Brooke, OT Virginia, OT Kerri & husband Brent, friends Suzy & Arnie, at the Blue Plate Cafe….then went to mall with Virginia, then Brooke joined us, then Kerri & Brent showed up…lol. I got a plain black dress (a staple I was lacking) from Ann Taylor Loft, plus some lipstick…Virginia got some cute shirts. I know y’all were dying to know that…

Then I went to the pool with a good OT friend + her family (third time this weekend I’ve been to the pool!!) and next I’m headed to a cook-out at another OT’s house. I live in an OT world, yo. I better not stay out too long though, I gotta remember I have all those damn evals to write up!! Boo!!!

I quickly checked up on Gustav and I have a bone to pick from an article I just read:

“Gustav doesn’t have no punch,” pool builder Randall Dreher said, head bowed into the gale. “I went through Katrina and this is totally different. It’s weak.”

I think this is a misquote. You either say “doesn’t have any punch” or “don’t have no punch”. You’d hear the latter, at least around here…maybe people in Louisiana speak half-correctly. Dunno, says Miss Hypocritical Me 🙂

I’m gonna spend a few quality-moments with Lester before heading out to Olive Branch 🙂 Hope everyone is having a fun holiday

Tomorrow I start Week 10 of 12……I better start working on my student project 🙁 A brochure on autism…..but I have sooooooo many other work-related projects going on…aughhhh..I can see some late nights in my future.

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