Functional Therapy instead of Occupational Therapy? :)

I got this interesting letter! I’m an Ora Ruggles-ite so I don’t think I’d do it myself, but it is definitely intriguing. Basically, my understanding from my quick perusal of the website, is that they are also lobbying for “occupational” to be replaced with “functional” as it is more intuitive for the average person. Come to your own conclusions!

Hi Karen;

I just found your Blog and we’re in a networking way ourselves. I am with the American League of Functional Therapists. Check us out at, we are an organization for Licensed OTs and COTAs to add a designation of Registered Functional Therapist RFTTM (or Registered Functional Therapy Associate RFTATM ) to their credentials.

We have been thinking about a student level membership which would allow the initial RFT membership at renewal rates. ::edited for brevity:::

Thanks for checking us out,

Ed Kaine
President of the American League of Functional Therapists

“Functional Therapy, OT for the 21st Century and Beyond.”

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