Funny OT-related quotes

"If you can’t make fart noises, you might as well not be a pediatric OT." – former professor

"If you’re board certified in pediatrics, you know how to use a whoopee cushion." – former professor

"Embarassing moments" story told by a post-professional OTD student to the class.

Nurse: You have to rub this lube into his balls…

Jane: I don’t think I’ve touched another man’s balls

Nurse: You better get used to it…”

Jane: “…and that’s why I’m in peds now…"


"It’s like when you’re doing research and you look at one website and then another and then another. And then five hours later you’re watching a video on how to feed a giraffe.” – different former professor


"Safety would be easy if it weren’t for the people." – an overheard quote given to us by professor

Stumbled across these quotes while looking for something else…had to share. 🙂

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