Fwd: Expected Typing Speed (WPM) for Children, Common Core Standards

Hi all, 
Typing Speed Standards are PROBABLY 5 words per minute (WPM) x grade level, so a 4th grader should be at roughly 20 WPM.
I know this is not coming from a formal Common Core Standard page, and I didn’t research it enough to find an origin although I tried briefly. However, it sounds reasonable to me – 5 WPM per grade level. Thoughts?
Most relevant paragraph although page was great for many pieces of information: 
How fast should kids type?
As a general rule, keyboarding speeds should be measured as “5 words per minute (wpm) x grade level”.  Therefore, a student in fifth grade should have a goal of at least 25 words per minute and a sixth grade student should have a goal of 30 wpm.
Remember this is meant for general education, so if the children we work with in occupational therapy (OT) are not as fast,  that’s okay and we can work on it with many different approaches. Hoping I can write up typing teaching strategies soon! 
Also, sorry about that test taking strategies PDF. Need to shorten it and make it not explode when the site is opened. Soon! I’m at work right now. 

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