I LOVE hair tinsel and I have been getting it put in for months…I got red, green, and gold for Christmas….my OT kids (and some grown-ups) love it too…..anyway, some of the cute comments:

from passing by second grade girls: “I love your bling bling!”

from a kindergarten boy: “where did you get that sparkly stuff?” “can you buy me some?

from a first grade girl, tentatively, after observing my hair bling and glitter eyeliner while I was observing in her class: “Were you in the Nutcracker?”


You could argue it's not professional but it's for the most part subtle (it looks extra sparkly in the picture because of the lights in the salon), and for another, I work in elementary schools! I remember as a kid always being drawn to the colorful, sparkly, quirky adults in my life so I try to play that role now…. 😉  Hmm speaking of being an adult, I have to get up in the morning, I should probably plan for the day…….have a self-regulation seminar of six kids, an OT treatment session, and a couple of evaluations and/or as many make-up OT tx sessions as I can cram in to do (I will probably try to focus on just 1-2 schools for make-ups and/or 1-2 schools for evaluations), plus we are dropping off cupcakes at the district office at the end of the day. 🙂

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