Gearing up for the end of April! Almost end of OT month!!

Tomorrow is vocational rehab and inpatient or outpatient depending on census. Wednesday is all day satellite outpatient, and it's gonna be a challenge as it will be my busiest day in a long time. I think I'm seeing ages 3 to 50 with a huge range of diagnoses. I need to study up on my pediatrics as I am JUST finally after 8 months starting to get younger kids. 🙂 Augh! LOL.. I LOVE peds and I will learn what I need to learn, just intimidating!

I got to hold babies at a church nursery this weekend and it was so nice to hold babies after the looong time I didn't get to, I used to love holding babies in Special Care at LeBonheur. Plus it was nice to hold babies that didn't have tubing and lines and monitors…'s pretty rare I get to hold healthy babies!

It's 11pm and I am tired so I am headed to bed. This past weekend I got to go to a Need to Breathe Concert in Birmingham AL and do a bunch of other fun things, but I just got home (GA state employees got today off because its Confederate Memorial day, HILARIOUSLY WEIRD to my CA-based mind)….so……good night.

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