Gearing up for Week 3….

I'm getting ready for Week 3 of my pediatric Level II fieldwork! We go to small Mississippi towns on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is exciting to me! I rested a lot this weekend as well as saw a bunch of different friends so I'm feeling ready…my scrubs are clean, my stuff is prepared for tomorrow….and I guess when I get there in the morning I'll figure out what I want to do with my kids! I bet I have them from 9am to noon straight but who knows!

Today at Target I was like in OT heaven although I didn't buy anything, restraining myself though. Crayola has “pipsqueaks” now that are small markers, kind of like “handwriting without tears” – the shorter the markers are, the easier it is for the kid to hold correctly. They also now have triangular crayons which are easier to grip, plus rock like crayons that are great for toddlers/kids with really primitive grasps! And Twistables, which are great for kids who use their pencils so lightly it is hard to see – the twistables are pretty bright/soft so that you still can actually see something!

I was like I want this and this and this and this! Augh!!

I bought a bunch of supplements today – like B12, fish oil, magnesium…and tomorrow I'm unwisely taking a whole bunch of them at once so I'll either be really jazzed up and awesome tomorrow, or really nauseated…I'm going to vote for option #1. LOL.

I think I'm about to go jump in the shower and then go to bed. Tomorrow after work I'm going to go straight to meet Allison to work out, then help her with some random Memphis chores…which helps ME because it means I can't just jump into my bed and take an unhealthy overly long nap!!

I'm behind as always on e-mails and stuff! Don't hate me!!

Oh yeah, my other big thing is that I need to make some major revisions to my OT Practice article. I need to not procrastinate on that! I made some changes then emailed the editor to ask for some clarification…hopefully can get that done in the next few days!!!

I saw on Facebook that the class below us just had wheelchair lab…oooh the memories. I've got to say I LOVE not having homework!!

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