Geriatrics, occupational therapy….gerontology…la la la

So I've decided I should drop out of OT school and go into advertising because today I thought of “Grannycam” (already invented, bummer), and then also “Crays of Our Lives” if you maybe, I dunno, happened to be a crayfish researcher who wanted to do a soap opera on Animal Planet? LOL

I've spent the evening working on my to do list and have been productive. I'm working on reading management chapters for the midterm, finished half another midterm, searched for a geriatric article, finished a proposal for our geriatric media project (having older people write advice on paper from their childhood, and wrap it up in easily-done felt fortune cookies, for a young class to open). And then SIGNED UP FOR AOTA CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my plane tickets and hotel now too!!!!!!!!!!!!! And finished my Christmas thank you cards….cough. And more. Productivity, baby. Now I am lazy after working so hard and kind of want to give up for the night, but I am going to do my two lectures so I'm caught up. Again. I'm like the most prolific OT writer ever, but I have so much to share, it's bursting out of me yo!

Oh btw, I had a dream a few nights ago I was watching a girl pushing her mother's wheelchair and doing such a bad job that her mom's head kept on hitting the ground from it tipping over (not painful, just ludicrous, in the dream), and I was, as an OT student, all horrified and wanting to run over there and teach her what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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