Gerontological Gems & Tornadoes & Social Participation: OT-related!! Well except for the tornado part

I’ve been having so much fun with my fellow OT classmates lately! We’ve been going to the gym for various classes in large groups and I hope we keep up with it. We did Total Body Conditioning yesterday and Yoga today. We’re sore!! I’ve also been having OT friends stay here or going over to OT friend houses. I’m having the best time of my life socially.

Ok this tornado stuff is getting kinda scary. I’m always the one that stands at the window excitedly when the storm is really bad, while all the seasoned Southerners tell me I’m stupid and to get away from the window. It’s dark and windy outside augh!! If I never post again, you know why, okay? I will my books to….jk

We had a Perspectives in Aging class today and we talked about some of our upcoming projects. We have to design a lot of Well Person activities, do occupational profiles, do some MIFA deliveries, etc etc – it sounds pretty neat. While I don’t think I want to work with geriatrics for a living, I do love learning about ALL populations, so I’m excited to share some of what I learn here. I think my next post will be on Aging in Place, since I got several reader comments on that, as well as a few other gerontological GEMS!!!!!!

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