giant research test tomorrow nooooooooo

Ok, it is 730am and I FAILED last night at posting because work was busier than I would have guessed. Boo. Oh well. Today I have GROUP!!! (:O”) from 830 to 1030, then work out quickly, then home to shower/study for a BIG test, then back to class for a 3pm to 6pm wheelchair lab where we learn important stuff and how to do wheelies, I am scared because I'm a scaredycat of breaking open my head :O

Then Allison and I are spending the night at Brooke's aunt's big ol' home to study MORE after that, because the test is in the morning. On research project design. Augh.

And I was going to write more but posting about Group reminded me I need to find some pictures, so uh, yeah. Talk to you guys soon about Neuro-IFRAH and/or Group and/or lies, damn lies and statistics….

PS: Dude who wants to go to OT School, I haven't forgotten you, I just am a little scatter-brained right now. I'll try to email you within the week or you are always free to e-mail me again…

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