giant test tomorrow augh


I’m gonna try to go to bed seeing as how I have to be up in about five hours for our first Group session ever. Then working out quickly with Emily and Virginia because then studying for the group test from then until 3 to 5pm…then maybe working out again with different people including a non-OT friend (haha I’m a MANIAC) + a lovely shared dinner of frozen Weight Watchers entrees with said non-OT friend, and then I have to like focus on making Powerpoint slides and stuff for other presentations, fun woo yay.

More tomorrow night I hope after the test is done with. Brooke and Allison just left my house a few minutes ago at 1am. We studied hard. And also laughed hard. It’s hard to study with friends because there is so much to share!!! And it makes you hyper at 1am!!!

And I have Fudgesicles now! 35 calories of fake chocolatey goodness!

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