Give-away mishap ;)

Updated 1130pm Friday – so I never did get around to posting details of the items of this particular giveaway, but sounds like you guys will survive until I can. Just post on this and I promise you’ll like what you get!
Hey guys, my Thursday PenAgain giveaway (that I’m doing myself using pens they sent me last year) did not happen because I spent the entire day on a plane and didn’t have time to do it before I left! (By the way robbers, I have roommates that are still home so don’t try any funny business! My mom will SHANK YOU!) Cough…

So my give-away for today, Friday, will stay the Miss Awesomeness one – I’ll edit out this one later to reflect all the details, but if you want to start commenting on this post to win the miss awesomeness giveaway, same rules as all the other ones – one week, blah blah blah. But it’s several different super cute/silly toys from various sources, some of the ones I use all the time, so while it’s not worth a lot of money (maybe twenty dollars?), it’s the giveaway I am most excited about! 

But my one added rule is that if you comment to win this one you HAVE to PROMISE to use each item at least once and get back to us on your kids reactions!
Blah blah blah. More later. Just saying whoops on PenAgain giveaway. That can be next week’s giveaway. Sorry for my suckage. I’ll also have another neat one coming up maybe in two weeks or so, with a really unusual and awesome shoelace company. 🙂 They are sending me some to try with my kids and then I can post more. When I wrote them to ask for a sample and a give-away, they said “How can I deny awesomeness” and then of course my heart fell for them. 🙂 
By the way, for some of you long-term readers who haven’t touched your subscription or RSS feed in a long time, the old address of still works, but and all now lead you to this same site. I hope to soon get some website design help so that it’s more like (not exactly, but just in terms of multiple categories and not JUST the blog)…
I CANT STOP TALKING! It must be because I am so excited about the baklava my good friend Tana (the physical therapist who wants to be Miss Sweetness as her branch, lol) is making for my birthday!!! I looooooooooooovvveeeeeeeee homemade baklava. For those of you who don’t love baklava, I bet you’ve never had homemade!
Okay I’m finally finally finally stopping.
No I’m not…
Oh but wait I forg…..JUST KIDDING.

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