Give-Away: One year subscription to PointScribe (valued at $129)

Update 10/31/12: Lisa won this one via! Congratulations Lisa! 
Today’s give-away is nicely offered by Gail at! I have not been able to try this out as our district is Mac-based and our PCs are few, but it seems cool if you do have this technology. This giveaway will run one week up until Tuesday at 1159pm. Winner will be chosen via random number generator and put in contact with Gail to get your subscription code. In your comment, please specify that you HAVE or WILL have access to a PC with a touch screen. I think  this would be best for someone in a pediatric clinic or a school, but anybody can enter.

“PointScribe is a multi-sensory interactive software application for teaching students of ALL abilities to handwrite. Students are captivated as they interact with PointScribe, writing on a touch screen in response to auditory and visual cues which draw their attention, eyes, and hand to converge on the touch screen writing surface. Students hear the name of the shape, see the shape, and write the shape: true multimodal learning. Lessons of proper shape formation and recognition are presented with consistency time after time. As student handwriting skills improve, the program automatically reduces the size to match the student’s proficiency with each letter, number, and shape. The size reduction continues until the student has mastered handwriting.”

“PLEASE NOTE: PointScribe does not run on an iPad; it is a software application that runs on a PC platform with a touch screen, not an app for a tablet. If you do have accesss to PCs but without touch screens, they are quite easy and inexpensive to convert via an add on touch screen (what we use here in our office). Here’s a link:

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