Giveaways and reviews and comments etc

I've been pretty stressed and exhausted lately, spending 10-14 hours a day working and crying a lot. So while I had a lot of pre-scheduled posts that have been going, I'm behind on the ones that require work. 

I'm about to have a two week break, however, so that should be perfect for catching up. It will be give-away galore week next week, 
Digital give-away:
Codes for Shelby's Quest (fine motor OT app)
Codes for PointScribe (handwriting program)
Product reviews:
Dycem (love this stuff)
PenAgain (will do my own give-away as it hasn't been a great fit for my population but I think it would be great for others)
Magic Weighted Blanket (already did a giveaway and Lesley P won it)
Morphology Jr (need to check in with a teacher to see her thoughts as I let her borrow it- I definitely liked the concept but it's very challenging – I think they were doing a give-away with me too but I'm blanking right now so I need to go back and check)
Also need LIBBY to do her GUEST post on animal assisted therapy 🙂 
And wouldn't mind RAVI doing another post on disability!
Alright bedtime for now, but hopefully by this weekend I'll be on top of things! I TURN THIRTY ON SATURDAY! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Time for a “thirdle” life crisis, yes??? 🙂
Finally….I despise when people ask for money, so by all means ignore this, but if you're just feeling overwhelmed with love, consider donating to….trying to raise the money so can get the product inventions and apps made. 
I think the brand “Melissa & Doug” have a lot of great products, and I envision/hope Miss A eventually being similar, just in the sense of equating the brand with high quality imaginative play items that “encourage educational exuberance!”
Okay this time for real bedtime. I love how I always end things then write another paragraph. It reminds me of the time…..just kidding. 
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