Good day…sleeeeepy

Had trouble sleeping last night (well more accurately I kept dropping everything to film my beloved lion kitty); two nights in a row of not much sleep = grumpier Karen.


We saw our little blind baby at her house…continuing to work on standing/walking, texture tolerance, cause/effect, keeping her head in alignment, etc.

Saw two little cousins in the home..inside because of the rain…they did great with the portable LiteBrite and even helped each other…very cool.

Had a really yummy lunch of Zapp's Spicy Creole Tomato Chips Mixed with Lemon Pepper Tuna. Very spicy and crunchy and delicious. Oh and a side of sweet potatoes, LOL. The girls think I'm crazy. I don't blame them.


Worked with baby that is blind and deaf…convinced she is having serious neuro damage from seizures or something…has like no muscle tone. Her scapulas are really winged and she is always congested, I wonder if ribcage mobility to expand ribcage would help with scapulas + breathing ability. Also we (with speech aide) tried pudding and we're pretty sure it came out of her nose – she doesn't seem to know how to swallow unless it involves sucking from a botle. She REALLY REALLY REALLY needs a doctor visit to see about her congestion, her seizures, etc…also the OT/Speech were enamored by the cutest little mange puppy sitting outside a doorstep in her projects…they are both dog-lovers/rescuers…I LIKE other people's dogs but have no ability or desire to take care of one, I am very much a cat person.

Went straight to clinic for two evals…one shy little boyhad a cheery motivated mom and the other little boy was very destructive and had a very depressed mother who freely admitted having almost no toys in the house…things like that make me sad.  This little kid was bright/picked things up quickly, but clearly didn't have a lot of experience with toys.

Then saw two brothers…I had the younger one make a tower and I swear I noticed a tremor, it was odd. And there was this horrible horrible smell…turns out the OLDER one – the like ten year old one – had soiled his pants and didn't want to admit it. The lovely speech aide got him a trash bag to put his underwear into. Turns out he had done the same thing at school today. So two days in a row we had old children soil their pants…ohhh olfactory.

Talked about this rival clinic in the area that is a lot stricter…my OT Christy who is very compassionate (and very free-spirited/flexible) was talking about how it's not fair to punish the child for parent's not being able to come consistently…like this clinic kicks kids out if they don't show up 3x…I was like….yeah it's not fair to punish the kids, but I would prefer to work in a place with more rigidity, I'd just rationalize “places like Christy's place exist to take on the scheduling- high-maintenance kids”…and she was like…you think way outside the box…I guarantee they'd never let you fence down the hallways….I was like good point. LOL.

Had a good night…including meeting a date for Japanese…yum sushi…was fun…it ended with helping Allison work on Sensory Integration powerpoint…we were looking at the chapter on SI in Case-Smith OT for Kids book and I was like ooh I need to re-read this, it had great explanations of things like somatodyspraxia, vestibular-proprioceptive issues, the links between tactile and visual perception, sensory modulation, registration, low muscle tone, frustration, etc etc.

I'm waiting for my stupid YouTube video of Lester nibbling on a straw…nom nom nom… to finish uploading…but I've been swearing I've been going to bed for like 3 hours now…just keep putting it off to do other things…like OOOOH new facebook pictures…OOOH new email……OOOH new friend to chat to…and in the meantime my to-do list just sits there and stares at me…but when I am gone like 14 hours I just want to sit and do NOTHING – ie nothing of importance/value – when I finally get to sit down for a while. Speaking of which, when I sat down for dinner tonight in my scrubs with giant pockets, I finally discovered the glue stick I had been trying to find earlier for an art project with some kids 🙂 I could hide a damn elephant in my scrub pockets.

Tomorrow morning I am off…which is good because I need to get my car door fixed so I don't have to roll down my window to get out, stop by UT to pick up a manual, and run a few other errands…I work 1pm to 7pm and have a kind of crazy schedule starting at around 3 when school lets out…luckily have a few hours to write up evals and such seeing as how we have six from within last week alone!…anyways have lots of high-maintenance kids one after the other, including overlap of two very prickly kids, that should be interesting. Send good vibes my way. After work am meeting several friends to go walking. Then SLEEP.


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