Good day today…

Today was a really good day…got a lot done this morning including sending off postcards, phone errands, getting brake light fixed for only $3 dollars, gas station, Walgreens, etc…and only worked 3 to 7pm since tomorrow is crazy. I mostly did paperwork today, I had only two little boys, one with poor body schematics and one with poor frustration tolerance, and for both of them I brought in my foam fencing saber swords from way back when I was a fencer (good for use when learning saber, which can really hurt, and for use with the younger children), and they both did great with it. It works on a lot of different skills because you have to stand and walk in a certain way, and then we also worked on blocking, on hitting, on controlling motions, etc. What I like about it especially is that it works on calmness and control, because it's a very precise sport – not like the crazy stuff you see in Pirates of Caribbean. Like as soon as that sword gets moved in some crazy move, bam, I pop them in the tummy (not hard), just to show them the need for keeping the sword at the torso in a controlled way, because I have full access to their body if they move funny. Body schematics, frustration/activity tolerance, following directions, motor planning, are just a few of the MANY things it works on.

In both sessions (60 mins), we did about 15 minutes worth of fencing and I think it was AWESOME for them both, I am going to try to use basic fencing lessons for almost all of my older kids at least once. Plus it wore them out to get them ready for table-top activities.

The body schematics kid has a tremor when he writes which is interesting – his family swears he has neuro issues but the neurologists haven't found anything…I'd agree with the family though.

The frustration tolerance kid worked on shoe-tying with me…which frustrated him but we did it on a timer session…and we had just finished writing up a list of things to do when you're angry. I need to watch a session or ask my OT to give me some tips on shoe-tying lessons. I was pretty old before I learned how. 😡

I met Allison to walk at track and then we had Taco Bell for dinner since we both were able to spare the calories as it was almost 9 pm and I'd only had 300 calories for the day, and she is a skinny minny on her feet all day who then went to cardio kickboxing and then walked with me. 🙂

Now it's almost 10pm. I'm going to shower and figure out the Google-maps for all our kids tomorrow….we found out today we are not treating them all tomorrow but rather doing Medicaid evals on them all, Christy was disheartened at the paperwork but what I did today was print out the eval and plan of care forms for all of them (with the basic form intact but no info), so that we can write the eval answers out in pen in order and do them as we go…and since there is two of us and it's home visits to individuals, one of us can be writing the information down, or I can drive and Christy can write goals, whatever. Because typing it into the computer is no big deal at all for me speed-wise if it's already intact on paper, so if we just write them out as we go it shouldn't be bad at all.

So the folders, evaluations, forms, etc, are ready to go…now it's a matter of google maps…so will be back in 20 to work on that. Gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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