Good news: articles submitted. Bad news: It's 4am and I have to be up in 3 hours.

My cat is looking at me like, You realize it's 4am right?

So I deliberately e-mailed the OT Practice editor and Kuma last week promising them their stuff by Monday morning so that I couldn't procrastinate any more. It's been not cool having this stuff hang over my head for so long. With Kuma, the student I am collaborating with for the diversity paper, I sent him a rough draft asking for his feedback. Not ideal, but I do want some opinions before I go crazy making things perfect.

For the OT Practice article I couldn't get away with that, LOL. So I stayed up until 4am – my own fault for procrastinating so much – and have submitted a much revised version of the article on online social community. Before I kind of focused on it in a “so you're scared, don't be”, and the editor was like um,  you need to revise it – we're not scared, we're busy…so I took the “here's why it's worth it even if you're busy” approach. There are a lot of charts/boxes with specific examples and I am pretty sure it will be a nightmare to edit, so it won't surprise me too much if she is like, um, let's just forget it. LOL. No I'm just being self-deprecating, I like to think it's getting to a publishable point. 🙂

Luckily I know the social media manager of AOTA has some awesome stuff up his sleeves, so hopefully the article can kind of merge with some of his unveilings…I dunno. It's 4am so now I'm delirious. I need to be up in about three hours. Tomorrow is going to suck because I'll be so tired!! Bad bad bad me for waiting so long. 🙁

I just found out today that supposedly we can take off one day a month while on fieldwork? Is that true? Maybe my OT won't find it too unprofessional if I go sleep in the ball bath while she treats the kids tomorrow afternoon. Kidding! Kidding! Not kidding! Oh the pain. I'm gonna bring lots of headache pills because I promise I'll need them. 🙂 Or maybe I can sleep on the couch during the home visits? I'm sure the parent's wouldn't mind….hahahahaha

Send energetic vibes my way tomorrow, I'm going to need them big time. I'm sooo going to bed at like, 8pm tomorrow.

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