Good news, bad news….

Bad news first…

1) I had Black Cat put down on Saturday morning. A vet came to my house. It was peaceful, but sooo sad. I cried my eyes out. Not literally, that would suck. 
2) I still don’t have my blog mojo…lots of pictures taken and thoughts “made”, my neurons still have little blog cells, but alas, I’m missing that final missing piece of “actually posting it”….hope I find that piece soon. But it’s the holidays, maybe it will show back up in January. Bet nobody is reading this anyway. I’m still in a discouraged state! 
Good news;
because that’s where I just posted the following status…
Today I threw the Lycra “blue ghost” body sock into the washing machine, then gave my “monster cheese” a talcum bath to get it back to normal, then moved my purple spikey “sea urchin” to put something down…no escaping pediatric OT! Not to mention I have literally 45 pounds of blankets on my bed…my 30 pounder (last year’s birthday present) and a new 15 pounder (this year’s birthday present…it took six weeks to get… 🙂


So I guess that wasn’t technically good news, but at least it wasn’t dreary, right? I have been enjoying using for my practice shoe for kids to use and they enjoy it. 

Only four more days of work till break! (And no, I am not paid when on break, that part is a bummer). But definitely a perk of working in schools. 🙂

Okay, gotta do a few work emails I just realized, in prep for tomorrow, so since its almost 10pm I better do that so I can go to bed!

Today I had my weekly volunteer shift where I held babies at the hospital! I’m getting better and better at calming down “drug” babies! 

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