Good night…

So I am learning to navigate my new Macbook. I love it to pieces but there is definitely an element of hesitancy, I have to get used to it. It doesn't feel the same.  The Macbook was an awesome graduation present, although I got many wonderful graduation presents. 🙂

I saw the movie “Up” this weekend and it was absolutely stunning. Amazing. I highly recommend it. 
My goals this week include finishing up two big ol' job applications, without crying. I get SO overwhelmed SO quickly when it becomes time to start looking up places to work, places to live, etc. Right now I think Chattanooga is my number one city but I'm definitely strongly considering other places. I need to get started though, it's not like I have a lot of time to look, in terms of loan payback and insurance. 
I wish desperately that I was a “better” person and could get caught up on all my snail mail correspondence (sympathy cards, thank you cards, birthday cards etc), but also all my e-mails. I have so many nice emails and/or important emails that I have let slide by me lately, especially in face of this past week's trauma.
Every time I see ads for the hospital, I wince…kind of a mini PTSD for at least a little while…a sting, a slap, to be reminded of the rejection…A rejection with legitimate reasons, but still a rejection. Yet right now I'm wearing a t-shirt that proclaims my love for it…so…I dunno. Just will take a while to get over it I guess.
Just wanted to write in…I'm going to go read for a while…
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