Good night…

Ok. 32 mails in my Gmail inbox to respond to. Not too bad. Completed the 20 handouts for my Well Elderly Project – 2 for each session. Not perfect, but sometimes you just gotta prioritize. Now tomorrow I can focus a ton of Tai Chi research paper so that Friday I can do SOAP notes so that this weekend I can finalize all sorts of stuff. And then I can prepare to go out of town for almost a week for AOTA conference with Meg and Brooke. And it's 12:30am and I really need to shower and I am sooo tired. It's all I can do to not fall asleep when I drive to the Alzheimer's center in the mornings.

I had a good today, it was rather interesting on many different levels. Includes pottying issues, criers, agitated people, you name it. And I spent a mind-numbing but interesting 2 hours sorting poker chips and pipe cleaners with ladies who wanted to wait for their husbands but were willing to help me while they waited. The stuff didn't need sorting, but they needed something to do. But gosh, those that helped me seemed pretty high functioning, but after watching them….wow. I want to go into detail but um, I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow I'll do a double-entry I guess.

Today was my friend Sarah's 18th birthday!!!!!!!!! So I went to dinner with her & her family at a yummy Chinese place, and then we got Baskin-Robbins. I am so proud of her!! She is going to be a biomedical engineer, but she soaks up my OT blog so she constantly has great ideas or comments. Her family and I spent a lot of dinner brainstorming things to donate to the day center, like safe fishing lures for sorting, baby clothes for the dolls, things like that.

So a fun day although busy! And yeah. I'm going. Good night.

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