Good night finally

I just officially counted because clearly I have nothing better to do in life, like, for example, get ready for work tomorrow — 31 of the remaining 41 mails are about OT! The other ten relate to finances and other things in relation to the car break-in and all the stuff stolen!

Apparently the November 3rd OT Practice has started arriving in mailboxes – a friend texted me tonight about it – so look in it for my article on online social community! I haven't seen it yet but hopefully it's gorgeous and informative and all that.

GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

PS: Note to self – tomorrow write about today's patient load – icu eval, pancreatitis eval, ortho evals, tx sessions, unit coord compliment, being bossy, inservice, having own pager, writing lots of note, tomorrow is midterm discusssion

PS2: I haven't done a blog blizzard in a long time so no fussing at me. I probably have one to two more blizzards to go in next week before I'm caught up.

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