Googley eye…Eye bombing…OT style!

Eye bombing! The other day I finally found some adhesive sticker googley eyes. I was thrilled. I had been wanting to try “eye bombing” for a while! Where you go around adding googley eyes to things that look like faces. So I took some of my very concrete kids with autism who have perceptual difficulties and we walked around the elementary school campus looking for “faces” ie things that were not REALLY faces but had face-like features and once a child identified them (I did a lot of prompting) we would add eyes. We had principal’s permission and they come off super easy. We did quite a few door locks and the kids LOVED it! 🙂 Plus with each subsequent child, I guided them through showing them what the previous child had done, on a little “eye” tour, lol…..

Another thing I want to do is …. the PTA often ties ribbons for various events to the chain link fences…I want to have my kids do the same….like if we see red ribbons are up, we can add our own to work on tying, and they know they helped decorate the school! Again principal confirmed this would be okay. 🙂

I think both of these could be used with older kids or even in rehab settings….teaching what “eye bombing” meant to a creative/adventurous grown-up then walking around getting festive with googley eyes! 🙂

PS: When I told one of my favorite moms about the eye bombing, she was like, “so you’re teaching my child how to grafitti? AWESOME!” and gave me a high five. AHAHAHAHA

To be fair, I did warn the kids they could only do this with an adult, with permission… 😉

Jun 19, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none