Got to hold babies today…yay for occupational therapy

I held babies and followed an OT this morning. I got to see an attempt at a speech/OT co-treat for feeding, an evaluation with a newborn who had been a 25-weeker (looking at reflexes, muscle, arousal state, transition states, grimacing, startle reactions, coloring, etc), and hold a baby in my lap while the speech therapist fed him. (Most of these babies have G-tubes and haven't gotten used to things in their mouth and have trouble with feeding). I also held one baby for about an hour on my tummy/chest (I was just tilted way back in a normal chair). The OT confirmed it's ok to pull out their mat and use it to give the babies tummy time – with permission of course.

Anyway – it was fun – it reminded me I have a lot to learn but it also was exciting. I'm going to try and go there more often during the week when there is opportunity to help more and see more. I love these babies.

I posted about 10 items yesterday so that will have to tide you over for the weekend – probably headed out of town if the weather doesn't get too nasty. My OTS friend Virginia is coming over tonight too if again, weather isn't too bad! For now I plan to just catch up on some random things, both school-related and home maintenance-related 🙂

Jan 25, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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