great OT comments…and now for OT thoughts…hmm

Gotten some REALLY nice OT e-mails lately – love it when I hear from long-term readers for the first time! Obviously need to respond now since they all typically include questions of some sort. 🙂 Will get on that soon. The good news is, this upcoming week should be the last one that is craziness with work.

I started photographing all my toys today, so that soon I can do a “here is ten bazillion toys to consider having”. I might also make a YouTube version of what's in my “pediatric toolbox” – I did one many years ago and I apparently have issues with eye contact, so maybe in this one I'll do better, haha. But of course first I have to get dolled up! Which is not how I look right now!

Alright…it's a beautiful day here…I am sitting in my bed looking at the beautiful ocean….starting to be sunset…my cats (one mine, one stray) are both chilling beside me….and I am working! I did take a walk/mini jog (truly like no jogging but enough that I can say I did, haha) outside earlier. I have some Sensory Processing Measures to look at, and a huge evaluation to write up, and some cursive to print out for board copying, etc…lots to do…so I'll stop procrastinating now.

I swear I also do play, my friend is coming over soon to spend the night, and then tomorrow I have Pilates + seeing a good friend of mine who was one of my OT CLASSMATES! She came to town to run the half marathon.  Of course we are doing In-and-Out. Can't wait to see her and also talk a little OT. 😉  Interspersed between all these things, yep, is work.

By the way, this morning the first thing I did when I woke up is buy like 50 dollars worth of Tangle Jrs, and then like 20 dollars worth of random toys from I think it was….I had typed in favorite OT toys and it popped up and it had tons of great fidgets etc….btw I keep seeing people spell it “figits”…am I crazy or is that totally wrong?

I also bought some dry rice today to put in plastic jars and then put in marbles, so that kids have to put their hand in and dig around to find the marbles without looking…great for tactile discrimination, some proprioception, etc. 🙂

Okay….well…I said I'd stop procrastinating 3 paragraphs ago. I mean it this time. Just like I always mean it. :X HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

PS: I swear I'm going to respond to all my emails soon, never fear 🙂 It may not be until next week though that I start really catching up!

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