Had a way awesomer day

Tuesday sucked. Not as bad as Monday did, but a lot. So badly that I have blocked it out of my memory and cannot even tell you a single thing about it, beyond that I got to see some friends after it was over, and had a yummy lovely dinner thanks to good friends. Oh yeah, and I had my “midterm” conference with my fieldwork coordinator while driving around in Mississippi since I knew I needed any office time for paperwork. But today was pretty awesome. So I'm going to share and then sleep.

At new clinic:
1. Did an eval on a young boy with Asperger's; very aggressive. Did the Learning Achievement Profile with him, along with the mom filling out the Short Sensory Profile. Tested his gross motor, fine motor, a little bit of visual motor through the WRMVA, etc. We didn't have the Pegboard or matching part of the WRVMA because an OT was doing evals at old clinic and needed them more than we did. My OT Christy stood by and observed, but I did the entire thing, and she just confirmed my stuff. Child is very delayed.

2. Did an eval on a 7 month old baby all by myself with OT Christy nearby – the main concern was baby's thumbs – the baby didn't use them at all – I had seen this before at LeBonheur so although nobody else was familar with it I was pretty sure she had bilateral hypoplastic thumbs, where she would needs some little fabric splints to keep the thumbs away from palm, as well as learn some compensatory techniques, since her grasping was at the level of a 4 month old since her thumbs just got in the way.  Used the ELAP which looks at skills in babies aged 0-36 months and was really proud of this eval. She will be seeing a doctor next week for confirmation of this diagnosis.

3.  Helped treat the baby that is deaf/blind, we were 3 therapists (me, my OT, speech aid) working in tiny living room with a big ol' party or osmething going on, there were four adults on the sofas and 4 kids in the back of this tiny place…the baby was soooooo sleepy that we just couldn't work with her really, she kept falling asleep on us.

4. Helped treat baby that is blind, working on her sensory stimulation tolerance as well as protective righting reactions, etc. I really like working with babies…..

5. Got off on time!!!!!!!! Miracle of miracles!! Plus stopped at a roadside stand in Missisisisisipspisisi and got peaches and tomatoes 🙂 I drove over 100+ miles today and was in four different parts….if you had told me even a few months ago I'd be tootling around rural Missisippi I would have thought you were crazy.

6. Walked with Allison and Stephanie the PT student who says things like “I had massive lateral shift today from my heavy bag, my greater trochanter hurts” AHAHAHAHA…and Stephanie shared her sauteed chicken + peppers with me. 🙂 Was fun.

7. Going to bed and get to sleep in tomorrow a little bit!

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