So I think most therapists do cheat and use the hot pack machine to make small adjustments on splints, but I made a big boo boo….this was one of my first weeks at this clinic and I was trying to impress…ugh. I sent this to another co-worker after it happened…am deleting work mails since my last day is Friday and when I saw this I laughed. LOL
:::::so…….i know now how to clean out a hydrocollator….seeing as how I lost my tiny trigger finger splint in it….I was being careful with the tongs since you had warned me about not losing it,  but it still managed to slip out…I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and my life flashed before my eyes….okay not really but I was like AUGH. So…….I took out all the hot packs and was trying to fish for it….and then trying to decide if I could handle the heat if I plunged my hand in….chose not to, LOL. I was really scared it would like dissolve and ruin the expensive collator.  Luckilly it needed to be cleaned anyway….we dumped it out the back door, then rolled it out the front after cleaning it, to use a hose in front area of building, then brought it back in….of course I got splashed…hahaha….now its plugged back in and hopefully going to be okay….my splint material was just floating peacefully and didn't do any damage or melt or anything…I was so scared. From now on I'll use a real splint pan for anything that requires total submersion. learned my lesson. oopsie doopsie:::::::::::::
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