Hallmark OT Appreciation Cards

Do you ever get thank you cards from patients? It’s not like you can go to Hallmark and buy special OT Appreciation cards.

But if I worked for Hallmark these are the kind of cards I would make:

I like to sing and I like to dance… and thanks to my OT I can don and doff my pants.

I can only move against gravity,
I guess that gives me a muscle strength of three.
But here’s my OT walking through the door,
soon I’ll have a muscle strength of four!!

Thanks to OT I can get to the loo..even if it is a max assist x 2.

I don’t need any whistles or bells…
thanks to OT I can complete my ADLs.

PS: This is a picture of the snail-dessert we made my grandfather for Father’s Day, while visiting him in Berkeley. It involves a madeleine cookie, whipped cream, berries, and butterfinger crumbles. Assembled on a colored cutting board. My sister and I were quite proud of our creativity.

Jun 16, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none