Happy Birthday to Me! And my twin! Happy Birthday Dear Future Occupational Therapist…

A photo documentary of a budding occupational therapist….haha I’ll do anything to pretend I’m staying on-topic!

Age Four

Kristina and I were eating chocolate spaghetti. And we were angels at one point too.

Our first day of school at age 4, and being siamese twins…
My sister and I in DC a few years back, she dressed me up!

Me and Haley after getting TOTA scholarships in Nashville!

I am 25 today! Insane! A QUARTER OF A CENTURY! And obviously my twin is too, she lives in San Francisco!

I am allowed to be 100% off-topic today, seeing as how it is my BIRTHDAY! Woot woot! But I did say occupational therapist like twice!, so that counts for something.

I’ve gotten a bunch of Facebook messages, a few e-mail cards (including a video of my friend’s adorable two year old singing happy birthday karen, happy birthday snail breath…), a few little adorable glass snails, a cool laptop tray, cookies, thank you cards, pencils, Costco cash, and money to buy a graphics tablet, a mini camcorder, and a few American apparel dresses…etc. Yay!

I’m about to go work out and do some cleaning/homework, but other than that, I plan to spend a lot of the day talking to peeps abroad (my Norwegian host family, my friend Doug in England) as well as my family and hopefully some friends!

I start back with OT classes again tomorrow, the fieldwork is over, so I better try and enjoy today as the craziness is ABOUT TO BEGIN! Or rather, CONTINUE!

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