Happy Mother and/or Maternal Love Day

Studied today. Held babies for 2.5 hours at local children's hospital. One baby I held for approximately two hours, she was older and needed more attention. She finally, finally fell asleep at the very end, right after I put her in the most uncomfortable position (for me) possible. After a few minutes my back was screaming! It still hurts! Sometimes I take aspirin or something right before I go since I know invariably I'll end up having to hold a position for a long time and it hurts! They need more comfortable chairs!

You can't shift most of these babies around like you would a normal baby – they have tons and tons of lines and tubes protruding from their bodies in various places so even if you can keep those all managed, most of these babies sleep very lightly due to all the pain, noise, etc, so if you shift the baby very much or even at all, most of them wake up immediately. So once a baby falls asleep, so help you god, you hold that position as long as you can so the baby can get some much needed rest in the arms of a comforting human!

I thought there would be more people there today since it was a mother's day but I was mistaken…although I was there kind of late in the day, 4pmish, so maybe people had gone home.

I also studied some. I focused on a rather boring chapter about service delivery – evaluation, intervention, outcomes……I prefer the chapters with lots of diseases! Spinocerebellar ataxia symptoms? Gower's sign? Brown-Sequard ? Bring it on. Ok don't bring it on. Well okay do, I have to be prepared for boards coming up.

I have gotten some great feedback from people who commented or E-mailed from my job blogposts, most of them saying good luck but it's unlikely you'll get that kind of job. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh well. I'll keep hoping. Hope hope hope. I appreciate the feedback, good or bad.


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