Hard day of kids

Sometime during the middle of the night I was having this weird dream about warm air in my face, I opened my eyes and Lester the Lion Kitty had his nose-less nose pressed against mine, breathing me in. I was like whoah nelly. Speaking of whoah, somebody left a comment on one of my Lester youtube videos (they come to me via email)and it said “the narrator in this video is my worst nightmare. ” AHAHAHAAHAHA yikes. I can't help using my primordial dwarf voice with Lester, it's a primitive reflex or something.

It's 1030 and I'm already running behind – gotta jet. I'm feeling a little tired/quite a bit more anxious than normal and so I hope my schedule – which is full of really hard kids – is liveable – the COTA has an equally hard schedule today – so it's gonna be chaotic. Deep breaths. 🙂

Sep 04, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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