Having a rough week!

My blog mojo and my general brain mojo have been lost this week. I’m feeling down, partially because I’m putting my 20 year old cat down this next Saturday, partially because I’m a little overwhelmed, partially because of the darkness of December, etc etc.

I have soo much to share and soo much to say about my beloved field of occupational therapy, but right now my life consists of work, Pilates, work, work, work…the boring paperwork part of work, not the fun stuff. 
So…..be patient with me please! I’m still taking photos of things to share from OT sessions, and making notes of stuff, but haven’t had the energy to move it into blog fruition. Just trying to get through each day – I wake up each day uncertain of how I can even get through the day. Somehow I do, but it takes a lot more energy than normal. 
I’d appreciate kind thoughts my way! Hope you all are having a nicer December than I currently am! It will get better I’m sure 🙂
Dec 11, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 5