Health promotion for OTs

A recent e-mail that made me happy…I changed her name/location. I gave her some tips but if anybody wants to chime in, please feel free.

AOTA! Check it out!!

My name is “Jane Doe” and I regularly read your blog! I wanted to say that I love the blog as it opened up my eyes to OT and I learned a lot about the profession. Your blog is one of the reasons I am applying to OT school because it gave me a perspective of OT from a student's view! I am actually in the process of applying to a master of OT program in “Doeland”(I am from “Dooda”) and I was wondering if you can give me some tips.

I have to submit an essay discussing OT as part of my application and it's due this Friday! and I am freaking out…one of the question is to describe a trend in health care and how OT is positioned to play a leadership role. I was thinking of maybe discussing the switch in healthcare to health promotion and disease prevention but I am a little unclear on how OTs can play a role in this.

If you can give me any tips I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and keep up the great work on the BLOG!

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