Help a sad OTA out…advice needed

This sad OTA student wrote me and I'm trying to think of good advice beyond “Sounds like you have a crappy program and need to find a better one”. Off the top of my head – talking to people in class above for advice/tips, study groups with classmates, going to dean/head of dept/academic counseling to ask for some assistance/intervention if such large portion of class is doing poorly, etc.

         Hi. I just started the OTA program at my college…We are in the third week and most of us are already stressed out. We took the practice Framework and half of us failed it. We have 25 students and 15 either made a D or F. The way our program is working is we cover a system on say tuesday and the next day we have class is thursday and we test over the material. We dont go in depth over it either. Its basically lecture out of the book. We dont have powerpoint or pictures. So we are all having a hard time with it.
Can you give me any pointers, advice or sites that would help me. I downloaded and printed everything from your tip column. I could use any help you could give me.
OTA Student

Sep 04, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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