This post is especially aimed at my long-term readers, a “please help me network/connect”. (I got the idea because of a really awesome OT in Ohio who offered me a job in her private practice!)

So……it's easy to find a job in occupational therapy as a new grad. If you want to work in tiny rural towns or work in most physical dysfunction settings (ie rehab hospital) or a nursing home.

The kind of job I want, especially since I'm picky about location, is NOT so easy.

My ideal job would be working with hospitalized babies under 1 years of age, like in step-down NICU units. My second ideal job would be working within pediatric oncology. My third ideal job would be geriatric mental health and/or anxiety/depression mental health and/or pediatric mental health- in other words, mental health with populations unlikely to kill me. My fourth ideal job would be inpatient peds with a lot of mentorship.

ANYWAY…those are the jobs hard to find, period, especially as a new grad. I think any of those jobs I could handle with just a little mentorship at first as I'm relatively intuitive with peds and mental health! I have glowing recommendation letters and lots of written documentation attesting to my (mostly) sparkling abilities in those areas!

 I'd like to target Tennessee, North Carolina, and California, as my first choices of states, but would consider elsewhere, although states with harsh winter climates/firmly on the East Coast, kinda stress me out!

Any thoughts on where to look besides,, etc? A friend recommended getting a LinkedIn profile, I'll try that.

Or better yet, anybody who has read this blog long-term, want to network/connect me to someone who can help?!?! I'd adore you forever.

May 01, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2