I've been kinda quiet on the blog. A lot going on in my head though.  I have bilateral cerebralobloggoneglect due to an acute infarction of my frontal lobe.

My normal supervisor is out of town so I have a very different PRN supervisor for 3 days – tomorrow is day 3 – been interesting having a different style – haven't seen anything too crazy lately except an awesome case of hemianopsia – more on that later  – ohhh the visual tracking – – going to bed. Oh and I submitted my AOTF scholarship application tonight. Dear AOTA High Peeps, Please Bless Me With Your Financial Goodliness. Thank You and Good Night

Tomorrow goals: Do some evals, treatments by myself with different supervisor observing. Buy my San Diego Ticket. Deal with my Financial Stuff from Car Break-In. Catch up on Gmail and Facebook. Go to the gym. Not all in that order.

Nov 11, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none