I have a question. I want to be able to write client stories, especially as I am now on my 2 weeks of a Level I fieldwork in physical dysfunction at a local rehabilitation hospital. I can't stand writing vague stories, and nobody wants to read a story about a stick figure. But I'm not sure how far I need to take HIPAA. Am I writing a client story so that a normal person can't recognize the client (hypothetical Level 3), or am I writing a client story so that that client's therapists or family couldn't recognize the client (Level 2), or am I writing it so that the actual client couldn't recognize his or her self (Level I)? I have to get progressively vaguer as I go from Level 3 to Level 1, so I would love to know what level I have to write at. I'm unfortunately guessing it's Level 1. I might just have to stick with making up fictional patient stories and only keeping my reflections on the story the same. Anybody familiar enough with HIPAA to answer this question? I did take an online course on HIPAA through my school, but it doesn't exactly touch on how thoroughly it would affect blogging. Ooh the gray areas of the online world!


Oct 10, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1