i apparently meant to send this the other day and it failed and i didn't realize it….the first part talked about me being tired (so I deleted it, lol) but my PSs are semi amusing so I'm re-sending it….

PS: Making tennis ball friends (was it from or TherapyFunZone?
I can't remember) requires fearlessness….I used a clamp as I stabbed the
tennis ball so I could keep my fingers…..the kids like stuffing BUGS (like
Wal-Mart or Michael's cheap bugs) in their mouths! Fun to see tentacles
sticking out of his little mouth. One kid called the tennis ball a praying
mantis today…I said it sure was a fat one. πŸ™‚ They also like sticking
pennies in their tennis ball mouths and then making them throw up. πŸ™‚
PS2: I know I am a school OT now because I carry my apron in my car to wear
from school to school as I eat my lunch as I drive! (At stoplights or easy
things to eat, I swear I'm not like, eating a salad on the freeway, no hate
mail please)
PS3: I also know I am a school OT because my room at home looks like a toy
store exploded in it…never know when you'll find a purple centipede on the
floor Β or a mouse-finger-light or what!
PS4: I am mad at TherapyFunZone and OT in Public Schools for constantly
putting up new posts that make me want to copy them! Β πŸ™‚
PS5: I am delirious and going to bed…..

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